Aguero and Tevez That said about Champions League semi-final

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Sergio Aguero and Carlos Tevez, two former Manchester City players. That said they were secretly worry about yesterday’s Champions League semi-final elimination to Real Madrid. From the beginning because the ball was kick at the difficult Santiago Bernabeu. Which when it actually happen, still being close to Lionel Messi sending a message to mock it. The more upset 2 bounced.

‘ Can ‘ with Tevez streaming via ‘ ESPN Plus Argentina ‘, the game in which City lost ‘ White King ‘ in normal time 1-2. Bausing the total to draw 5-5 , then extra-time still hit. Rim Benzema’s 3-1 penalty kick knocked Josep Guardiola’s men out of their sixth straight European Championship hunt . 

As soon as ‘ Benz ‘ killed the ball at the 12 -yard point , Aguero became restless, unable to continue describing the ufabet game. Then reveal during streaming. That there was a message sent from Messi that 

“ You quit being silly ! Your team can’t go on anymore. ” ‘ El Leo ‘ as a Paris Saint – Germain player can say because he had hurt before in the round of 16. The team that was kick by the ‘ White King ‘ as well.  

‘ El Kun ‘ admits to being timid since before the kickoff there will be an ending like this: “ I want to say that I am very nervous. I don’t know why, but it’s all terrifying. ” 

” I would like to see City go to the Champions League final . Even now I don’t know what condition Pep is in , but as an old supporter, I imagined that he wouldn’t sleep last night. “

Tevez, meanwhile , was speechless when he saw ‘ The Blues ‘ sank from two late goals by Rodrygo.  

“ It’s crazy, if you face a game like that ( 89th minute 1-0 lead but get overtake 1-2 at the end of the game after injury time ). There’s no way you can come back and win. 

There are statistics that Pep ‘s failures in the Champions League knockout stages, 8 of 11 times. They were caused by conceding more than one goal in under 20 minutes.