Chelsea must keep the unattractive striker Lukaku

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Sky Sports analyst Paul Merson is confident Chelsea must keep the unattractive striker Romelu Lukaku with them despite the need to flush out the toilet. But as long as the takeover of the club’s affairs is still pricey. It can not go to buy a new page instead.

Head coach Thomas Tuchel looks set to lose his trust in Spears for £ 97m . Chosen to be locked on the sidelines to make a grumpy face in the 1-0 defeat to Everton at the weekend.   

But was forced to endure boredom because the team was still sanctioned by the British government. Until the rights to the club are transferred from Roman Abramovich, owner of the pro-Russian war team invasion of Ukraine.  

As an observer of what happened , Emerson felt pity for ‘ Sing the Blues ‘ for not being able to return.

“ Chelsea have not many options. But will have to be proud of Romelu Lukaku, ” ex -Arsenal midfielder commented .  

“ They want to sell their hearts. But pushing no money to buy a new one. The team can’t go and buy a spear for £100million to replace them and kick ‘ Rom ‘ for half that price. ” 

“ My opinion is probably not going to happen – I think he will stay with the team and hopefully next season can flush the toilet. ” 

Chelsea’s takeover situation has not progressed with Abramovich demanding the £ 1.6bn he spent on personal loans loaned to the club during his tenure. In addition to the £ 3 billion takeover fee too.