The toy car was forced to stop competing in Liga 2 games.

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Germany’s Liga 2 football game between Hansa Rostock and Hamburg SF on Saturday, February 17. Disturbed by a remote control toy car that emits blue-white smoke bombs. Until having to stop competing for a while.

The incident occurred when two remote control toy cars ran onto the field just 10 minutes after the game, causing the game to be stopped for a short time. Trouble with field officials having to remove them to make way for the competition area Gradually returned to compete until the match ended with a draw of 2-2.

Finally, there are many more. Similar incidents occurred at league games across the city, with four of five top-flight games on Saturday also called off when fans threw chocolate coins. and plexiglass from the stands down to the grass. Report by ทางเข้า ufabet

Over the past few weeks, anyone who follows German football games like the Bundesliga may encounter fans in the stadium causing chaos in many matches. 

In the first match, the home team’s fans released a remote control toy car onto the field. To cause trouble for the players who were warming up during halftime. Intentionally delaying the second half to start later than scheduled. It was so distressing that the players and officials had to struggle to remove it themselves. While in the match between Rostock and Hamburg. Fans released two remote controlled vehicles attached to Pluke One trailers onto the field. Hoping to disrupt the game from the 9th minute. 

So what symbolic meaning does this remote control car have in the German football league right now. Why do football fans have to intentionally disturb the team they love.

This was done in protest of plans by the German Football League (DFL). To sell 8 percent of its television rights in exchange for marketing funding. and promote the Bundesliga to the world. It received approval from two-thirds of club members in December last year.